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Who is Tayo Olutimehin?

I am a sales and marketing expert who specializes in using digital outlets and emails to generate, and convert high-quality leads for businesses like yours. For several years, I have created digital solutions for businesses and I know some of the major problems businesses face. When it comes to lead generation, the major problems are the skills to get it done and the budget to set things up. This is why I created quiccsol – an agency whose aim is to solve these two(2) problems on a go.

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Service Offerings

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Ad & Email Copywriting

I am a results-driven copywriter with a passion for crafting compelling stories that drive sales and engagement. I help businesses like yours standout, connect with your audience and get them to take the EXACT ACTION you want them to take.

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Enterprise-level Marketing

Enterprise level businesses get a chance at outsourcing their whole marketing process by subscribing to our remote marketing package where our remote team handles all the marketing effort of your company.

Clients Testimonials

Thank you so much for assisting me with my business. I was lost but your consistency helped me scale up. You were consistent, professional, and communication was great.

Jackie A.

Tayo is very good with high-ticket closing, he is comfortable speaking with both local and international clients, and his certification as a sales closer is worthy of his skillset

Sarah I.

Tayo is an extremely great writer. He had far and consistently exceeded my expectations on the works I have given him.

Keeshon B.

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